We’re Making Our Website’s Tail Wag!

Pardon our corny animal humor but we are amping up our website and pretty excited about it. We’ve seen some exciting growth with our fan pages and website traffic and I just have to give a shout out to an awesome company who is helping put us on the Colorado pet shop scene. It really started hitting home for us that we needed to market a little better when folks in our own neighborhood did not know about us. Even residents who drive past our shop daily would act surprised when going into other establishments and stumbling upon us. We are glad that they did! But we knew there had to be a better way to reach our customer base. When our friends at this Colorado Springs SEO company broke down our marketing in ways we understood (re: animal analogies), we finally got it. Of course we are joking here but let’s break it down to see if it can benefit your pet shop too.

To raise a happy pet you need 3 things: a healthy diet, long walks and playtime with friends. Let’s relate that to your online pet shop presence, shall we?

Healthy Diet

Just like your cuddly pooch needs nutritious and healthy food to stay active and healthy, your petshop website needs a fresh and relevant diet of new content added weekly or monthly. Any animal lovers coming to your site need to see that it is up to date, fresh and active. This will help them to make a decision on whether or not to visit your store front or buy and products you carry online. We love Answers dog food and guess what, we can’t get it in the store right now but we are planning on carrying the line on our website soon and we want to make that known to our customer base.

Long Walks

What usually happens on long walks with your dog. Ok, ok, not that he/she’ll get worn out but having a Boxers thrive in Colorado WeatherBoxer I can attast that I love that. Oh he’s so cuddly when he’s tired. Which takes a lot on both our parts! But what I’m really talking about is all the other ‘friends’ he’ll see on our long walks. By both of us being out on the streets and visible, we are running into others walking their dogs too. We are passing by A LOT of traffic. And that is what you want for your fury friend website too! A lot of traffic. Offering dog food brands online is great but not if there’s no traffic. It is key to make sure your visible.

Playtime with Friends

Traffic is great but you want to make sure you are around other like-minded dogs that want to play with your pooch, right? Let’s relate that to your target market. Traffic is wonderful but you want to make sure it’s traffic that wants what you’re offering. I don’t want to market to construction workers that don’t own pets. Get what I’m saying? So it’s key to making sure your website lands on pet owners who want what you’re selling, teaching or promoting in your store. That’s where having an online marketing company help you is so important. So now I can focus on my strength, all things animals and they can cover the back end for me. I highly recommend you do the same!